Benefits of Toastmasters

Welcome, prospective members!

Becoming a member of the U.S. Senate Toastmasters Club is the first step in cultivating your communication and leadership skills. During your first visit to our club, you will immediately experience the friendly atmosphere, helpfulness of fellow members, and our inclusive club philosophy that will provide you with encouragement as you sharpen your public speaking skills. Meetings at our club occur in a supportive, low-pressure environment where members enjoy the freedom of self-expression and the benefits of academic instruction and evaluation.

Active participation in the U.S. Senate Toastmasters Club will provide benefits in three areas:

1. Preparing and delivering polished presentations and speeches
No matter the audience, Toastmasters provides you with an impressive skill set to help you navigate the public speaking process from formulation to delivery. You will learn how to speak with confidence by utilizing a cadre of tools to make your speeches successful.

2. Developing leadership skills
Leadership is an important professional and personal quality that when effectively developed, assists us in every aspect of our lives. Toastmasters helps focus members on becoming competent leaders by providing numerous opportunities to develop top-notch skills through active participation in comprehensive exercises.

3. Giving and receiving constructive feedback
Two of the biggest issues that members of a workplace team face are giving and receiving constructive feedback. In Toastmasters, every prepared speech is evaluated by a fellow member for strengths and weaknesses. This not only helps the speaker to improve their own skills, but also helps the evaluator develop listening and critical thinking skills that can be utilized in the workplace (and at home!).

At the U.S. Senate Toastmasters Club, our genuine enthusiasm for developing outstanding communicators and leaders is proven. Make the commitment to enhance your communication and leadership skills today and join our club!